• NVIDIA Kernel Module 384.69 erschienen

    Neue Linux Treiber für Nvidia Grafikkarten sind erschienen. Die Version 384.69 bringt folgende Änderungen mit:

    • Added support for the following GPU:
    • Quadro P4000 with Max-Q Design
    • Fixed an intermittent hang when using Vulkan to present directly to display with the VK_KHR_display extension. SteamVR was particularly affected by that hang.
    • Disabled G-SYNC in desktop environments, such as Budgie, that use libmutter-0.so.
    • An existing rule to disable G-SYNC for libmutter.so no longer applied after the library was renamed to libmutter-0.so.
    • Updated nvidia-installer to label kernel modules with SELinux file type 'modules_object_t'. Some system SELinux policies only permit loading of kernel modules with this SELinux file type.
    • Removed support for checking for and downloading updated driver packages and precompiled kernel interfaces from nvidia-installer. This functionality was limited to unencrypted ftp and http, and was implemented using code that is no longer actively maintained.

    Ihr könnt die Module unter folgender URL herunterladen:


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